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How Stock Prices Are Influenced and How the Stock Market Could Possibly Influence Your Retirement Plan

In mid October, Wells Fargo released better than predicted earnings and record numbers. So you would expect their stock price to rise. But did it? No, it went down. It reminded me how a number of years ago Exxon Mobil announced that they earned more money in a single quarter than any company had in […]

How Much Do I Save for Retirement?

Many people often ask, How much should I save for Retirement? There is no specific answer to this question but any individual asking about saving money for a good and comfortable retirement should understand a few facts. Saving for retirement should start as early as possible. It is never too early to start. A Good […]

Should You Invest in a Managed Fund or Should You Manage Your Own Portfolio?

Whether you are young and just starting out in the workforce or you are nearing retirement, most people have already gone through the conversation with themselves about how they are going to plan for retirement. Their are numerous amounts of high yield investments that someone could use to help them meet their retirement goals, however […]