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Should You Invest in a Managed Fund or Should You Manage Your Own Portfolio?

Whether you are young and just starting out in the workforce or you are nearing retirement, most people have already gone through the conversation with themselves about how they are going to plan for retirement. Their are numerous amounts of high yield investments that someone could use to help them meet their retirement goals, however you should choose the method that best suits your comfortable level and also one that will help you stay on a steady course to your retirement plan. Their are a couple of popular methods people use and have been using for years; high yield money markets and self managed share portfolios.

If you decide to go down the route of going through a high yield money market their are certain fees and commissions that will be deducted from the performance of your portfolio from your fund manager. This can eat into your returns significantly, especially as you can’t be given a guaranteed rate of return on your investment each year. However in return for these fees managed funds to take out all of the hard and stressful work of investing in stocks and different markets.

For those who prefer to manage their own portfolio need to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work to be successful. Whether you are a fundamental analyst, technical analyst, day trader, investor or swing trader, the most important fundamental you can have is discipline. If you learn good habits and keep them it will make your trading a lot for efficient and smooth. Because you and only you will be responsible for your results, managing your portfolio can be very emotionally rewarding.

If you decide to manage our own fund you will need to have a lot of patience, time and perseverance to be successful. For those who don’t perform well under pressure should really consider going through a managed fund.

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