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Good Stocks to Invest in 2011 and Make a Profit

Markets have shown much decline since the 2008 recession period. It is now very important to look for what stocks are good to invest in 2011. There are so many stock choices for investment however it’s difficult to determine its profitability. It is important to know market position in order to make a good investment in a stock that provides a profit return. This requires knowledge of market trends, which market provides good returns, and knowing proper timing for investment.

After careful market research, it has been determined that good stocks that are investment-worthy in 2011 are big name companies. The ROI (return on investment) is stable with these stocks. Some of these companies include big fast-food chains McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, etc. Another stock worth investment is a company that controls properties that produce income. These companies offer investors a profit return because they do not owe as much debt as other companies. For investors considering companies that are consumer and consumable-related, Wal-Mart, Kraft, McDonalds, and Proctor and Gamble are good stocks to invest in for 2011. For computer and electronic companies, HP, Dell, Sony, Apple, and IBM are the best companies for this industry. The best automobile stocks are Honda, Ford, and Toyota. A good way to double an investment is to take a look at the pharmaceuticals Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.

An additional way to earn double on an investment is to research the penny stock market. Locating good penny stocks to invest in 2011 requires a lot of research and learning in detail about the markets. Penny stocks are very attractive however extremely dangerous for novice investors. Penny stocks are traditionally not good however for someone who knows the right technique, there is the potential to see an investment skyrocket.

Penny stocks are always attractive for those who like to gamble and take huge risks. Both earning potential and the potential for loss are very high. A few good penny stocks to invest in 2011 are Akeena Solar, Fuwei Line Inc., Finish Line Inc., Idenix Pharmaceuticals, Microment Inc., and Mexco Energy. There are huge risks when investing with penny stocks so take extreme care when choosing a company.

Once you are well-trained about companies and markets, all stocks will become good stocks to invest in 2011 and all penny stocks will become good penny stocks to invest in 2011.

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